windychan (windy_chan) wrote in health_fitness,

Hi guys, new here! I'm having a lot of trouble losing weight, despite my best efforts - if this isn't the best community for that, please point me in the right direction! Thanks. :)

So, I began my new fitness program at my gym around January 12. I see my trainer two times a week, and exercise almost every day - weight training and cardio both, usually. They also gave me a "meal plan" they want me to follow that seems to involve a very small amount of actual food, which I refuse to try because it reminds me too much of a starvation diet. I'm almost ready to give in, though.

I have eliminated all fast food and processed food from my diet, as well as soda and most sugar. I'm now eating 4-6 times a day, usually small, healthy, balanced meals and snacks.

My body fat has gone down slightly since I started, but as a whole, I can't lose weight! I completely dumbstruck and at a loss. I've been working my butt off nearly every day for over three weeks, and nothing. I've lost maybe 3 pounds by the scale and a couple inches off my tummy, but with how hard I'm working, I've been told I should have lost 10 or more pounds by now.

I'm also taking a metabolism-boosting supplement, since my metabolism has always been very slow (considering my old diet and the fact that I never exercised). I'm frustrated to the point of tears and am exhausted after working out every day.

Does anyone have any idea what I could be doing wrong? Thanks SO much. I'm desperate.
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